Oakwood's Cancellation Policy

I understand I acquire no rights to an apartment until I sign a Lease and it has been accepted by the Lessor in the form submitted to me and pay a holding fee on the apartment I have selected. In consideration of the Landlord’s holding this apartment for me, I acknowledge a cancellation fee equal to the holding fee paid should I cancel my application. I hereby certify that the information herein contained is correct and that any falsification or misrepresentation will immediately void this application. I acknowledge the screening  fee is non-refundable.
Should a security deposit be required, I acknowledge a cancellation fee equal to the holding fee amount  should I cancel before five (5) days and a total forfeiture of the deposit if it is found that I have falsified or misrepresented any of the above information which therefore results in my being declined by the Lessor. I hereby waive all rights to the return of any of the deposit after five (5) days and forfeit as liquidated damages in the event I do not choose to enter into the Lease applied for herein.

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